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18 December 2011 @ 09:01 pm
Challenge #03b: Casting Call for "Return of the Spirit"  
Written for Challenge #03b: Big Break: Based on... at writerverse.
Original Scene here.

“Return of the Spirit” is a film about the emotional journey of a woman who turned her back on her family in a time of conflict.  As she realizes the true impact of her desertion, she must come to terms with the destiny she had fled years ago.  Will she be able to find the strength within to find herself and put right what has gone wrong?

Character Bios:


Synara has left her family, friends, and home to build a successful life for herself in the technologically-dependent city. When she realizes how far the conflict between the techs and the magic users, such as her family, has escalated, she must reevaluate her choices.

#1 Noomi Rapace                                                             

#2 Olivia Wilde

JASE [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 30 - 35]

Jase is Synara older brother.  He is angry and determined.  He has never forgiven his sister for deserting the family and choosing technology over him, while he has stayed to try to defend their people.  His greatest goals are to stop the attacks and entice Synara back to the magic life.

#1 Vincent Kartheiser

#2 Matt Bomer