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23 December 2011 @ 09:36 am
Challenge #08: My Muse  
Very often, there is no rhyme or reason to where I get my ideas.  I think for my fanfic, I draw a lot of inspiration from the ‘what if’ or the ‘I would have done that this way...’ scenarios.  Mostly I think my writing, at least the core story ideas, stem from emotions, whether it be an emotion I notice in a song I’m listening to or something I’m experiencing in my real life.

My muse is famous for only appearing when I have no materials with which to record my ideas.  Her favorite times to pop by are when I am driving, when I am in the shower, or just as I am falling asleep.  Sometimes, if I plead in just the right voice, she will stick around while I drag my laptop into bed with me and frantically type half-formed phrases and other notes to follow up on when I wake in the morning.

She is also very fickle in her attentions, rarely sticking with one story for any extended amount of time.  She births multiple plot bunnies in a litter, which I dutifully record.  I have up to 15 story ideas at any one time in various states of completion.  I will then get flashes of inspiration for several different stories throughout any given day, although I can usually focus my efforts enough to stay on a schedule for the ‘active’ story in my files.  

When she disappears, usually when I sit down at my computer or with a pen and paper, I sometimes find music can help to coax her out of hiding.  If not music, then I follow Nike’s advice and ‘Just Do It.’  Often after the struggle of the first few lines, I find myself in the zone and the words start to flow.
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