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06 March 2012 @ 02:53 pm
Fic: Out of the Dark  
Title: Out of the Dark
Author: magickmoons
Fandom: Angel
Pairing: Buffy/Angel UST, Angel/Nina, Wesley/Fred
Genre: suspense, angst, h/c
Rating: T
Word Count: 32,085
Summary: When Angel finds Buffy in LA several years after the destruction of Sunnydale, he finds some disturbing changes in her personality. Will he be able to help save her not only from whatever is pursuing her, but also from herself?
Warnings: Character death

Notes: This story goes off canon after the Buffy Series Finale, "Chosen," and the Angel Season 4 finale, "Home."   Some events from Angel Season 5 occur (most notably, Nina and the return of Connor's memories and his friendship with Angel) while certain events do not (most notably Spike's resurrection).
It is now three years after the events of Chosen and Home.  Communication between the AI team at Wolfram & Hart and the newly formed Slayer Cooperative was spotty in the beginning, trailing off to nonexistent within less than a year.  Connor has taken an internship at Wolfram & Hart during his senior year of college and intends to continue working there with Angel and the team after graduation.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1                                              Chapter 7
Chapter 2                                              Chapter 8
Chapter 3                                              Chapter 9
 Chapter 4                                              Chapter 10
 Chapter 5                                              Chapter 11
 Chapter 6                                              Chapter 12
Chapter 13