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28 April 2012 @ 10:08 pm
Fic: Quiet Courtship [Original]  
Title: Quiet Courtship
Word Count: 543
Rating: G
Original/Fandom: Original
Characters/Pairings: OFC/OMC
Warnings: none
Summary: Saturdays at the library
Notes: written for a writerverse challenge. prompts: library, coffee

Quiet Courtship

I first saw him about two weeks into the semester. Cute, studious, oblivious to everything around him, he would come in to the library Saturday afternoons and peruse the Ancient Civilizations section before taking several books over to a table to make notes. Despite my best efforts, it was a month of Saturdays before he even noticed me, even though I found numerous opportunities to walk past his table, every weekend. Being that the books I needed for my research were on the opposite side of the floor, I rationalized this by claiming it was my exercise for the day.

Finally, he looked up as I passed by and smiled. It was the cutest smile, shy and sexy at the same time; I almost melted right there. From that point on, he always looked to find me when he came in late, always looked up with a welcoming smile when I got there after he did. We would share commiserating grimaces at the undergrads loudly complaining about the unfairness of having to do a 20 page paper and we would offer supporting smiles when one of us seemed to have hit a wall in our research. But we still never talked!

We were nearing the end of the semester, and while I didn’t think he looked any closer to the end of his research than I was, I still worried that he would be submitting his thesis and out of my life without ever introducing himself, falling madly in love with me, and sweeping off to ... somewhere. Studying Freud for the last year has somewhat limited the normal abandon of my fantasy life.

About two weeks before the end of the semester, I decided it was up to me. Of course, on the day I had chosen, Murphy’s Law went into full effect and I rushed into the library a good hour and a half later than my normal time. My eyes went immediately to his normal table: nothing, no mystery guy, no books, no laptop. I cursed my roommate and her breakup, drinking binge, maudlin hangover/morning after crap that had made me so late.

I ‘casually’ browsed the Ancient Civilizations aisles, but no sexy stranger. Putting aside the disappointment, I headed back over to the psych books, trying to get back into research mode. I looked at the books as I passed, not really noticing titles or authors; I couldn’t even remember where I was heading in my notes.

Something struck me as odd. It took a few seconds, but I realized one of the books I had passed was out of place: more colorful than the traditional psych text and also sticking out slightly. I backtracked and found the one that had caught my eye. The Eye of Horus: A History of Ancient Egypt. I smiled as I pulled the book off the shelf and found a note sticking up out of the pages.

I’ve hit the midpoint on my thesis and thought I’d take the day off to celebrate. Meet me for coffee at the U?

I grinned, holding back actual laughter with effort, as I nearly skipped to the elevator. Coffee at the Student Union with my mysterious, sexy stranger? I couldn’t think of a better Saturday afternoon!

Ami Ven: Team Proseami_ven on May 13th, 2012 06:39 am (UTC)
Very nice! This is such a sweet romance- I hope it works out for those crazy kids *g*
magickmoonsmagickmoons on May 14th, 2012 06:18 pm (UTC)
Thank you :)