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05 May 2012 @ 12:57 pm
Drabble: The Glass [SG-1]  
Title: The Glass
Word Count: 100
Rating: Teen and Up
Original/Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
Characters/Pairings: Daniel/Janet
Warnings: canon character death
Summary: He wanted a burn, not gentle warmth.
Notes: Written for writerverse Drabble a Day Challenge. Day 7: just friends

The Glass

It was dark in his apartment. Daniel sipped from his glass, wishing it were the cheap stuff; he wanted a burn, not gentle warmth.

He had made the expected appearance at Janet’s memorial service before retreating home alone, had dutifully stood by SG-1 as they mourned the loss of their friend.


He downed the rest of the glass and blindly reached for the bottle to pour another.

He’d never told her, never truly realized it himself until she was thrown back with a startled cry and a hole in her chest... until it was too late.

Fuck the glass.

Jen: sg1: daniel_homejennickels on May 10th, 2012 04:53 pm (UTC)
aww, poor Daniel. Whether there had been more between them or it was just friends that much have hit him hard, being the one that had been there and watched her die. Not to mention everyone he cares about dies or is snaked. That includes the rest of SG-1 although they have a tendency to come back from the dead.
magickmoons: daniel sloooowlymagickmoons on May 10th, 2012 08:41 pm (UTC)
Yeah, everyone talks about how cursed Sam is, but Daniel's got it at least as bad. I've never really subscribed to the Dan/Jan ship, but it fit for this, and I can at least see the possibility...
Ami Ven: Team Proseami_ven on May 28th, 2012 03:41 am (UTC)
Very nice! Poor Janet, poor Daniel...
magickmoonsmagickmoons on May 28th, 2012 05:37 am (UTC)
Yeah :(