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21 July 2012 @ 10:21 pm
100 Days of Gratitude - #28  
Today, I am grateful for...

The Bob Books!! Wow, I knew the kidlet would start reading early enough. I'm even pretty sure she was subconsciously processing it when spelled things in front of her (more often than not, she'd mention something about the hidden topic within minutes). But she is so amazingly proud of herself for reading these books. Each set has multiple books. We've only looked at Set #1 so far. They are really well-fashioned, introducing just a few new sounds in each book, very repetitive and achievable for beginning readers. She keeps telling us how she's "sounding out the words," "reading all by herself," and that she will "soon be reading just like Mommy and Daddy!"

There's nothing more beautiful than seeing your kid glow with pride.