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09 May 2013 @ 01:25 pm
Het Big Bang Post  

I am currently embarking on two (2!!) Het Big Bang stories and this post is where I will track my slow descent into insanity!!!!!!


Summary: [BtVS/A:tS] This is the sequel to Out of the Dark. Buffy has stayed at Wolfram & Hart and is trying to adjust to her new life. Throw in Angel's continuing on-the-rocks relationship with Nina, a new Big Bad, and a bunch of Slayers-in-Training and it could get dicey.

-I am so far behind where I wanted to be, it's not funny. Having trouble staying focused on the story :(
-Now that I'm about halfway done, I think this one is definitely do-able. I had intended to have the entire first draft completed on this one by now, so it does call into question if I can do Story #2, but we'll see...
-Writing about 600 or so words a day, most days of the week, managing to stay relatively consistently with the outline. Go me!

STORY 2: STRIATIONS (working title)

Summary: [Stargate SG-1] Set in an AU of the Moebius AU. The Antarctic stargate is found before the ZPM and tape are found in Egypt. Col. Jack O'Neill is the liaison with the Department of Aerospace Research representative, Dr. Hershfield. Pretty soon, he begins to suspect that Hershfield's assistant, Dr. Samantha Carter, may be the person they really need on the project.

-Currently pantsing it, going along pretty well. We'll see where I am by check-in in two weeks
-Some early scenes in draft / note form. Whole thing is pretty much complete in my head. I think.