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30 August 2014 @ 05:44 pm
It's Dragon Con!  
I've hit that weird stage of Con life where it's 6 pm, I've gone a whole day on 3/4 of a crappy breakfast sandwich, I have a hunger headache but am not at all hungry and am just so jazzed. I've been having a great time.

Yesterday I went to a couple of fan discussion panels - 20 Years Through the Gate (20 great/impactful moments as voted on by the DragonCon Stargate Facebook group), which was actually really good. I would have personally left a couple out - Unending for instance, since it didn't actually impact the stargate -verse. Nothing from SG-1 Season 6 or SGU made it in, although I would have included The Changeling and its import of moving the Jaffa from dependence on the symbiote to tretonin. (Btw, I just grabbed a granola bar and now have an abundance of sugar energy, still have a headache)

Second panel yesterday was a discussion of Stargate and the Human Condition - prompted by the Isaac Asimov quote referenced in 200 I think by the Teal'c-alike from Wormhole X-treme. There were lots of good thoughts exchanged, even though it ended up that of a full room, only about 10 people were contributing. Oddly, one was me -- I don't know what's happened to me this year!

I don't usually go to the guest panels at cons, mostly because I hate crowds and just get too easily overwhelmed. I gravitate to the fan discussions, writing tracks, taking the Magick Princess to the pool, things like that. But today I went to a "Supergate" (a guest panel) with David Nykl, Peter Williams, Chuck Campbell, Alexis Cruz, and Joe Flanigan. It was awesomely fun listening to David and Peter bond over their shared love of geography and unicorns, the way all of them bounced off each other, awesome BTS stories, etc... Plus, I had to meet my hubby at the Walk of Fame right afterward. Joe Flanigan beat me there, and was in his booth with no line -- couldn't pass that up! He is staggeringly good-looking in person. Somehow I didn't really expect that, but I was hit over the head with it when I almost ran into him (literally) yesterday at the elevator bank. I couldn't even speak (was in mommy mode at that point, having run down to the convenience store, which is anything but convenient during a Con, to grab some stuff for The Magick Princess who was about to lose a tooth) and he was in a bit of a bad mood, having just checked in and trying to make it up to his room when the elevators were all packed. So it was nice to get to have a bit of an actual conversation with him when I was able to be in fan mode (or at least non-mommy mode).

I have no idea if any of this make any sense at all. It's mostly just hunger/sugar fueled craziness and trying to get some thoughts down. I took some pics and video in the panel, I'll try to look at them later to see if there's anything worth posting.

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