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01 December 2014 @ 01:46 pm
December Posting Meme, Dec 1  
For today, lolmac suggested I post about my weekend.

Ah, the Holiday Season has begun! I had a fairly relaxing long weekend, starting with Thanksgiving. My daughter and I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning on TV. I was a little disappointed in the program: two appearances by Taylor Swift versus one performance by Broadway cast of Pippin. But she had a good time looking at the balloons, and watching Santa Claus come to town.

Then the whole family headed over to my parents for dinner. We got to meet my brother's girlfriend's family (mom, dad, sister, & sister's boyfriend). It was actually quite pleasant, and I think we all had a good time. The food was excellent, as always -- my mom is like a non-evil Martha Stewart!

The rest of the weekend was mostly just stay-at-home time. On Friday, we went out to for Mexican at a restaurant that my stepson has been craving for weeks. It was nice (and rare) for all members of the family to finally have the same block of free time! The Magick Princess and I spent a good amount of time playing with one of her Goldy Blocks kits; she has as much fun destroying the inventions as building them. Lots of laughter all around :D

Saturday and Sunday were mostly cleaning and helping hubby prepare for his business trip. We spent days looking for his gloves. I found the last night, right next to his desk!

Yesterday, I supervised the Magick Princess's making of muffins in the morning. She read the directions and measured and mixed. They were great!! Of course, then I had to make sure she finished up all the bits of homework that hadn't gotten finished up earlier in the weekend. It was mostly handwriting practice which legitimately needs some breaks between the pages, but we did get it finished.

Didn't get to holiday decorations. Every year I say we'll start on Thanksgiving weekend, every year - not so much. *shrug* The cleaning is a good first step though.

Fic-wise, I barely got anything written. But I did at least write down the one little thing that was bouncing around my mind, and found that it had all sorts of connection to the story that I hadn't even foreseen!

So, that's my weekend :)

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