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02 December 2014 @ 11:51 pm
December Posting Meme, Dec 2  
For today, [personal profile] princessofgeeks asked how I discovered Jack/Daniel.

First, I just have to say that I love the use of the word 'discovered' here. It was always there, just waiting to be found!

I came to the Stargate fandom pretty late in the game, probably around 2006 or so. I ended up watching the whole series on DVD over the next few years. I loved Daniel first and foremost, with Jack running a close second. Of course, I loved the whole team and all the 'secondary' characters, but those two were really the ones who drew me in, both separately and with their banter and friendship and arguing and mutual support.

So, I had a new show, favorite characters, next step was ... find the fanfiction! And I did. I had never really been into slash before, and the het stuff was okay, but wasn't really doing it for me, so I concentrated primarily on the gen pieces at first. And somehow, I can't remember exactly how, I found AO3. Since I'm pretty much a binge personality, I just dove right in, called up everything AO3 had in the fandom, went back to the earliest available results and started reading.

But I found myself skipping a lot of fic, because it was Jack/Daniel. And I was noticing that a lot of the summaries looked really interesting. I think what ultimately got me was the Steak series. I kept tripping over different pieces of the series, and I really think I finally read the first installment just so I could say, no I didn't like it, and move on.

Yeah, right.

It hooked me, and it turned out to be a great piece to start with, especially as someone new to Jack/Daniel specifically, and to slash in general. Because it was all new to that Jack and Daniel as well! It was hot and funny and, most of all, it was my favorite guys being my favorite guys!

After reading Steak, I just kept on reading. I was fortunate to stumble across some fantastic writers early on. I was just captivated by the stories being told, and the emotional journeys Jack and Daniel were being taken on. [And I am so tired right now, I couldn't figure out why 'journies' had a red line under it! So I'll keep the rest of this short... er]

It took me a while to step out of lurker status in the online community, and even longer to actually start writing J/D. But it was really a foregone conclusion that I'd get there. Something about these two, whether they're written as friends, bromancers, or lovers, just speaks to me, makes me smile and cry and laugh and sigh. What always stands out to me about them is the strength and the love, and how beautifully so many authors are able to convey that.

Good night!

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