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06 December 2014 @ 06:18 pm
December Posting Meme, Dec 6  
For Dec 5 errr 6, [personal profile] jdjunkie asked if I have a favourite fandom trope. This was on the calendar for yesterday, but it was sucked into some type of wibbley wobbly timey wimey thing!

So, just to get my brain moving on this, I went over to tvtropes, forgetting exactly how many tropes they list and how it all just leads one to another and another and anoth.... But I did get some ideas percolating, so here goes:

Probably, my absolute favorite is hurt/comfort -- to such an extent that I don't really consider it a trope, so much as a genre. I prefer emotional h/c over physical, or some combination of the two; it just doesn't work for me without some emotional angst and payoff. The one thing I don't really like to see in h/c is woobiefication. I prefer to see fic where inner strength is brought to the fore, or is shared between the characters. Not to say that I don't enjoy seeing one or both characters vulnerable, but I like it to stay in character, and I generally tend to like strong characters. I enjoy h/c both in the context of an established relationship and as a device to reveal hidden feelings. I haven't seen a whole lot out there that was h/c in platonic friendship (without some type of UST or pre-ship overtones), but I think that rocks as well. There are entirely too many h/c fic out there that I love for me to point to just one, but I will anyway :D Whatever It Takes is an absolutely scrumptious h/c fic that jdjunkie wrote for me in the latest JD Ficathon.

Another trope that is pretty much guaranteed to get my attention is Aliens Made Them Do It. And while I enjoy fic where this is played as a straight PWP device, I really drool over the ones where one or both characters are angsting over the whole situation, and bonus points if the fic deals with what happens after. Paian's Mechanisms of Restraint is probably the premier example of what I like in AMTDI.

And last of the tropes that come fairly immediately to mind are AUs. I really enjoy exploring the characters in different types of situations, seeing the possible paths if they had been in different situations.The one thing that's really important is that the characters be recognizable to me, and any differences have to be believable within the story's framework. I'm not saying they have to be the same characters we see in the source fandom, because that really wouldn't work, but I see a whole lot of AUs that really should just be original fiction, because the only things that are recognizable are the names and physical descriptions. Just having Daniel sneeze a lot, or Sam like science isn't quite enough. Or, there's an AU where Jack has never been military, I need a (really good) explanation why, because his military service is, to me, such a key component of his core personality. There are several AUs out there that I really like, but I can't decide between these two as examples of what I love: And To My Listening Ears by Sid and Maybe It Was Memphis by Princess of Geeks.

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