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11 December 2014 @ 10:44 pm
December Posting Meme, Dec 10  
For yestertoday, [personal profile] princessofgeeks asked about my writing process. (Aside: obviously, the calendar is pretty much just a guideline. I'm trying to keep to the days assigned, but things get crazy, y'know?)

My first reaction to this was, "Do I even have a writing process?" Laf.

Anyway, I get an idea, and I write it down. If I'm lucky, I'll have both the inspiration and the time to go with the flow as far it will take me all in one burst, but I definitely try to get down at least whatever scene, emotion, dialogue it was that grabbed my attention. I have a WIP folder full of summaries, bits of dialogue, scenarios, and full-blown works in progress, most of which probably won't see the light of day. At any given time, I've got at least two stories that I consider 'active,' usually one long, and one short-ish.

I'm very much a pantser in my writing style, even for my long fic. I don't write linearly, writing scenes as they come to me, and going back later to fill in the connecting narrative. My subconscious plays a lot as I'm writing too. When I was writing Endurance Past the Point, I wrote a scene with this seemingly unwarranted statement or action (I can't remember the specific thing) by the bad guy. I rewrote it, and the same thing slipped in. Tried two more times, finally let it stand. Writing a separate scene several days later, I realized I had set up a really neat situation without realizing it, all connecting back to that anomalous statement.

The stories I'm most drawn to writing are my longer stories, but I definitely seem to have trouble maintaining focus to finish. I've been trying to work to a schedule lately, but that's not really taking. Between the craziness of real life and my inherent perfectionism/procrastination complex, I'm surprised I get anything written at all.

I tend to post pretty quickly, kind of a 'before I lose my nerve' type of thing, which has tended to keep me from working with betas. I also don't tend to collaborate easily, since I'm kind of a control freak. But I have started making an effort to pass some of my stories by a beta reader before posting, which has been an incredible experience, and really helped me to tighten up the stories, and my writing in general.

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