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14 December 2014 @ 10:57 am
December Posting Meme, December 14  
Eggnog: delicious holiday drink, or instrument of Satan? for [personal profile] angelsallfire

Oh, my, egg nog. There was a time when I liked it, back when I only had a sip here or there, maybe a teeny tiny cupful. And that was probably the packaged stuff that they sell in the grocery store.

But a few Christmases ago, my mother made the real deal from scratch. Why I kept drinking it, when the first sip practically curdled my stomach, I don't know. Politeness? Curiosity? What I do know is that an hour or two later, I was seriously wondering at the wisdom of ingesting raw eggs. With cream. And alcohol. I mean, WTF? I didn't get sick or anything, just felt ... yucky. The kind of yucky where you don't really believe it will ever get better. Haven't touched the stuff since. Have no plans to ever again.

Besides there are much better holiday drinks in my opinion. Wassail springs to mind. Or a good Bloody Mary, although I'm not sure why that's a holiday drink in our house - something about winter and spicy drinks I guess.

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