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18 December 2014 @ 12:47 am
December Posting Meme, December 17-ish  
What fancy dress would I pick for Daniel and Jack to wear at the SGC Xmas Party? for [personal profile] discodiva76

Oh boy. Fair warning: I will not do this question justice. 1) it is very, very late and I am super tired, and more importantly 2) I do not have the fashion gene. I hate shopping, and I know so little about clothes, style, and fashion that it is pretty pathetic. I also suck at visualization - which is a detriment to interior decorating as well, which anyone visiting my house could tell you!

That said, I'll give it a shot.

Easy one first: Gotta put Jack in his dress blues. He just looks so terrifically yummy in uniform.

Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. Hmmm... While he does look good in a tux (and I'm sure he looks even better later in the evening when Jack is helping him out of it!), I think I prefer him in a suit. Dark, but not black. Maybe dark grey. No tie. Can't even begin to say what color shirt he should wear, other than not white. [Obviously, I also have trouble figuring out complementary colors in outfits, which is why most of mine revolve around black]

I may try to expand on this tomorrow when I'm more awake, but I'm looking at an avalanche of things on my to do to get ready for Solstice, and then Christmas. So, maybe this should be audience participation!!

What do you all think?

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