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22 December 2014 @ 02:55 pm
December Posting Meme, December 22  
What I think of holiday decorations for lolmac

Holiday decorations are wonderful!!! At the appropriate time.

Anything I see prior to Thanksgiving gets a bah humbug from me. I remember when I was growing up (and oh God, I've turned into that person!!), it was like a switch was thrown on the day after Thanksgiving and everything was green and red and silver, with trees and bows and wonderful window displays downtown. It was magical and really boosted the holiday feelings.

This year, I was shopping in Target before Hallowe'en. There was a wall in the seasonal section that still had the Hallowe'en banner above the shelves. The shelves, however, were full of Christmas stuff. Gah!!

I tend to like the decorations that focus on the natural aspects of the season, like evergreens and silvery stars, candlelight. I also like more serious-themed decorations rather than cutesy, although with kids in the house, there is a certain cutesy minimum that must be maintained!

Unfortunately, I rarely get my act together in time to really get as much done as I hope to. But we always manage to get a tree up and decorated. I usually try to throw some evergreen garlands around, maybe decorate the front porch a bit.

We love to take driving tours of the neighborhoods and see the lights and decorations that other people have put up. I'm always amazed at what people can do. I tend to prefer lights over the big blow-up balloon things that have started taking over, but those can be fun too. The people across the street from us have blow-ups for every holiday, and my daughter loves seeing what they put out next!

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