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15 April 2016 @ 09:50 am
SPN DCcon  
A couple of weeks ago I attended Supernatural's DCcon and had a blast! The cast members were amazing - fun and funny and so very nice to each and every attendee. I got to have a short conversation with Misha while getting his autograph; he was so kind and compassionate and very patient as I tried to actually get my thoughts from my brain to my mouth, even though I'm pretty sure he'd been signing for at least a couple of hours by that point. Didn't get to talk to Jared or Jensen for very long -- their autos were running late and they had a flight to catch (to get back across the continent and film the next morning!) -- but even those brief exchanges felt so warm and friendly.

The panels were all awesome. I love how much these actors think about their characters, even those who haven't been on the show for years, and how much they are willing to share with the audience. The nighttime entertainment was great - karaoke on Friday and Louden Swain (and friends) on Saturday. Plus there was a huge education and awareness interactive display in the lobby courtesy of IMALIVE and You Are Not Alone, which was pretty inspirational. 

And I won something! (I never win things) But I donated to the Random Acts' charity drive for a local animal rescue foundation, and later found out I won a journal signed by Misha!

Including a grid of my photo ops and part of the IMALIVE display - which started as a canvas with just the image on it, and was filled by the end of the con with messages of hope and love and support from con-goers.

My photo ops and YANA banner
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