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15 September 2011 @ 09:22 am
Lack of Observation  
So, I was looking for creative writing prompts / exercises and the first one I found instructed me to (without looking) concentrate on item in the room.  After three minutes of recollection, I would write everything I can remember about the item. 

Problem?  My mind went completely blank.  I couldn't think of anything in the room!  At all.  It might as well have been a void for all I knew.  How can I sit in a room every single day and not be able to rattle off the items in there at the drop of a hat?  I wonder if the clutter is part of it -- to much stuff so it all melds together into one big lump in my mind? 

Finally, 40 minutes later, on my way back from dropping SuperPhi off at school, I thought of something.  So, it's not a hopeless cause, right?

So, item recollection:

A toy stuffed Raven.  Black with glossy, if somewhat tattered, feathers.  Perched on a small wooden block painted black.  Beady, shiny eyes and a scary sharp beak.  The thing freaks me out. 
I feel: contemplativecontemplative